Lazy River

Is there too much that meets the eye? It’s actually a collection of puzzle pieces. You’re another one that’s in the right place, sit down.

“Lazy Americans!” You always do.

The lens isn’t always rose-colored and real-world struggles are disheartening. I guess that’s why they say “zoom out”. Have you noticed what’s been going on in the golden state? Tragic wildfires have taken lives and northern homes, while illegal immigrants blitz the border to the south. Horrifying shootings aside, misappropriated finances have stopped major projects in their tracks. California dreaming became a nightmare for thousands of people. But you avoid the news, it’s all politics. The eastcoast is another story as the masses prime an exit from big city schemes. The cost of living blows through the roof, with credit and loan interest fees hailing on your average family’s monopoly game. I’m sorry if this strikes a nerve, sacrifices are necessary for this lifestyle to be preserved. What is anyone doing about it?

The election is coming next November, will you vote?

Red or Blue?

Black or White,

Hop in, we’re all black and blue, participate in your future today. Political census and opinions are only discussed when the polls open or on IG/facebook feeds, but those started being censored years ago. Infinite candidate signs are staked in the ground as we squint around the names in search of a party. Blind red or blue straight tickets – there’s nothing to see. Fictional characters turn up on write-ins, multiple state election boards deal with lawsuits and fraud, and 10 year old scanners caused ballot paper-jams in NYC in 2018. They have us on the same smartphones, but when it comes to administering elections, we are never on the same page. Do you know what state we’re in? Follow the leaders, or the trillions as we dig deep into the hole.

It’s sad to see divided communities, but we know the hurdles vary for people in certain places. Some of us see progress, and others cry out for strangers’ pain. We have our differences, but the same dark red color courses through veins with ancestors’ DNA. Environments and experiences shape character and behavior, and actions are predictable when pockets are tight in a comfortable place. Education only goes so far if a kid’s home trembles of gloom and tension. Higher education takes a kid further, but a hefty cost of living prevents large asset purchases and the masses get sacked by high interest fees. A happy home is built within, but TV shows, movies, and games expose us to sex addiction, abuse, and violence. The news shares bias mixed with grim truths and technology provides outlets to sink further into isolation as if there is nothing else to do. Hard-hitting – reading this is uncomfortable, but that’s necessary for growth. It’s easy to point at problems when we see the effects on our generation today. Solutions can wait until tomorrow, until the day comes that it can’t.

My fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you–ask what you can do for your country.

President John F. Kennedy, Innaugural address, January-1961.

Go read or listen to JFK’s speech. It’s a shame humanity was deprived of his leadership for long.

Now listen to our president speak today. Seriously, the SNL skits can’t compete sometimes. All jokes aside, the White House has had a few since President Clinton and Monica hit the stalls. From intern to apprentice, now Trump is boosting TV ratings and clickbait. My approval rating is an “A & E” for a focus on American economy, acting elementary at times, and automatic twitter fingersmass exposure. Dumbing down America has always been primetime TV, and today it’s available while dinner goes out the other way. Real news, Trump has united people with or against him, actually following through on his words, and inspiring further participation in politics as another president is handed the burden of an inflated economy. Friction ahead, we change the station and are exposed to polarizing views. Yet, the conversation is avoided at work where ironically, it’s all politics too. With truest values bi-partisan, the least this will spark is a debate of ignorance in millennial attitudes. It’s all smoke and mirrors on the screen as the future is established behind closed doors; higher powers pay-to-play ball.

Numbers don’t lie, there’s always a debt to pay. Rewind to late 2001 after 9/11, when president Bush, Jr. was tossing a first pitch on world series stage – Yankee stadium. A strike and we were united, yet look what has unfolded since that demonstrative scene. Decades later and still at war in Afghanistan, a couple thousand lives sadly lost, and almost a trillion spent by our defense. If it promises our safety, I’m thankful, but why is the Taliban still there and in control? There’s a hierarchy of needs unfulfilled across our entire population, regardless of race and creed. How do we help others if we struggle to help ourselves? It seems we are merely an extension of our great nation. We grasp for strengthening equality, blessed that wars are only fought in trade or overseas. The price of this lifestyle is our taxes, but it’s still not okay to complain about the PACs funding thieves.

A free world has been a privilege to know, and incredible to live in. A daily calm, beautiful people, food on the table, work on the plate, and a roof overhead; I’m sorry for those that only know something else. I wake up feeling guilty at times, because an innocent billion or more live in the misery of real famine, and I worry about the long line at Dunkin making me late for the train. Basic Joes, we are owed nothing.

This is about the greed of humanity driving people over the wall. Pun intended, US debt is 22+ trillions in the red, and the spending light is always green. Global debt is up around $184 trillion and can be tracked on a debt clock. US corporations are running debts past $9 trillion and a credit score is still pegged to your name. The never-audited Fed continues to print cash and bail out the very financial institutions that cause Americans grief from their greed. Don’t be surprised by any market’s volatility as their is a global tug-of-war for control. Tighter budgets, aggressive sales, expected ROIs, deadlines, and lush corporate bonuses influence the middle-class day-to-day. The divide between the rich and poor expands, and although it’s not easy to lead, the plot thins out for all.

Whether global problems and issues dividing our country and major cities affect you, you are entitled to the problems of your own. Politics are the last thing on so many minds, we do what we have to do. Are you actually in-tune or just drifting along? Maybe, people feel insignificant in our democracy, because no matter who has been in office, not much has changed in daily lives. Acceptance of the path, with plenty of people pushing agendas, the lazy river might just flood the next generation.

It’s easy to be a critic, but the beauty of our country is that we are allowed to have something to say. Don’t become complacent in our relatively luxurious world. We have an abundance compared to the rest of it. Instead of dissecting the images, disconnect; then plug in and examine what goes on beneath the surface of the lazy river. We are and we aren’t, trusting who serves the best interests of us all.

The path of least resistance is silence. Politically incorrect or not, speaking up will offend someone these days. Thank you for putting the time in. Create, write, help, or just be present to add value – find that spark in you, and make your impact today!

With good-work.

Finally, whether you are citizens of America or citizens of the world, ask of us here the same high standards of strength and sacrifice which we ask of you. With a good conscience our only sure reward, with history the final judge of our deeds, let us go forth to lead the land we love, asking His blessing and His help, but knowing that here on earth, God’s work must truly be our own.” (JFK, Inaugural address, January – 1961)

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