We’ll See

Sometimes things don’t go as planned. Emotionally, you can lose people. The distance is natural, and forgiveness is a process; it’s time for people to let go of some things.

“Nobody talks truth!” is what my grandfather said. At least I try to write it.

Your overreactions stem from a lack in understanding, let me explain something to you.

I try to remain grateful, embracing acceptance by limiting comparison and outward expectations; I want you to feel better, every step of the way.

That’s why I made this with her. Live and let live, with love. It feels like home.

It’s written in words here, yet still misunderstood. Everyone has a mountain to climb, so just be a source of love.

Like the old saying about God and the young, he only takes the good; teaching us to accept our losses and keep a positive heart. Forgive, always.

But sometimes a heart can be too big, and a love so heavy is easier to lose than maintain. Missing you as I write this too, it’s an energy thing. But never forget, open your eyes to what goes on inside to see…

We attract all that we deserve starting with our thoughts, leading to words, behavior, and ultimately all that we give in our actions. Hate can run its course too long and in too many forms, tell me this is not the truth.

A good few, we don’t confuse. Love is everything, and unfortunately, not in everyone.

For real, are we good?

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