Tell ’em how you feel baby!

Let me explain a few things, everyone is entitled to an opinion. Abortion is a serious subject, let’s not let it get out of hand. I’m pro-life, but can understand the other side, whether or not you keep reading is your choice. I write with my left, and throw with my right, maybe brain development on both sides allows me to agree with all of you.

When does our journey of living truly begin? Legally, it’s a date of birth. Morally, it’s probably the moment of conception. Life is hard, and so is parenting, I guess difficult decisions have to be made. These delicate issues force humanity to draw a line in the sand or so it seems, we need multiple types of climate change. Are we taking care of this world?

A heartbeat represents life, and some people instinctively desire to protect it. At 8 weeks in the womb, research shows a baby’s neural tube is formed allowing it to feel pain. I say “it” because that’s how pro-choice sort of feels in concern to the voiceless unborn. Time and health matters on the other hand, who’s to say how one should spend the potential 40 weeks of carrying then caring for their contributions to the population?

Our newest generations statistically give up on reproduction – sometimes it’s the consequence of experiences with disloyal or hateful beings. Other times it’s the result of financial concerns or lost love. Too much culture, and too many options, a commitment to one another is a beautiful thing.

I’m inherently pro-creation. I guess we notice a few things along the way.

“Some people will give up on you.”

People should be afforded the choice to abort the process of their own creation. When and who pays for it is an endless debate in managing massive populations. My heart of hearts believes that a certain point is met where it really is too late.

Check your pulse now.

Yet, I hear that a man shouldn’t speak on these matters. Whether you call it a fetus or a baby, it is holding half of a father’s DNA. Article one allows us all to speak up, right now is when our collective future is born. What can possibly be the side effects of following the mainstream artificial insemination of views? We don’t need the hate. We can be more accountable, more compassionate, and speak freely on our thoughts within, but times are hard it seems, and everyone is ready to take offense.

The impoverished have difficult decisions to make. The struggle is real for a lot of people, and beyond health, the environment for growth is a major concern. It’s a shame if a man walks away, but let’s look into it a little further. Florida’s reported abortion statistics show that 75% of the procedures performed were elective with another 20% for social or economic reasons. Although less than 2% occurred due to risk of the mother’s psychologic or physical health, and a fraction of 1% resulted from tragic rape or incest, these reasons seem to dominate public conversation. There’s obviously clouded judgement around the morality or deadline for abortion services – pun unfortunately intended – and there are darker gray areas around state-funds and taxpayers covering the fees.

Legal or not, do you naturally trust when anything is offered to you free? No, you hang up the phone instead – labor and delivery are also costly to health plans. Don’t abort this message now, this is about acceptance of each other’s rage.

I already hear all the complaining. People are going mad, and I can’t sleep either, pulling out or using protection is a choice too.

Roll your eyes, this is none of my business, regardless of the situation. I’m just trying to help it. A genuine voice of good is what the world needs.

We should keep up with our greatest gift that is our health; be responsible, careful, for ourselves and each other. Right or wrong, sometimes we push for it all. They say wait for the right one to come along and start a family, but sometimes people slip, and other times the conventional route isn’t possible. It takes genuine love, time, and wages to parent or take in a foster child to call home. But the laws are complicated, the process is pricey, and there are thousands of hopeful couples waiting to adopt a child.

Sometimes the cards don’t deal good luck, money, or positive change. They may deal a few problems, pain, and people with a lot of silent opinions. An instagram story, tweet, meme, or blog rarely leads to any actual difference anyway. I’ve been painting all that we see on the screens as a production, essentially a pitch to make us feel a certain way. How many generations had a digital drill of infinite information in their face like this from the start? It just pushes us further and further away.

Life shouldn’t be taken so easily, but we live in a time where young adults struggle to provide sufficiently for themselves. What one does with their body is their business, until it’s funded with the nation’s 40%. Hate is taxing on us, and it’s an ugly look on anyone. But mistakes have been made, and there’s no one seeking forgiveness.

There are pockets in all populations with ill-will, and that’s the unfortunate truth. But we can’t paint every group or issue with a black or white brush against the wall.

This goes for a lot of things, don’t waste your time. Our values have been compromised.

Are all these words breathing heavy? Are we trying to bring the circle together, or adding divisive lines between each other? Which side of this topic leans closer to addition of business by subtracting human resources? The numbers don’t really add up. There’s evidence in the industry of a cycling money trail between political affiliations and healthcare.

Break through the wall. Recent controversial late-term abortion legislation has created an aggressive response against abortion rights and women’s reproductive health in some states, and it’s reeling in an uproar. Let me take a turn. Rarely does one highlight how the numbers are extremely lop-sided against minorities in this country. Abortion has taken 19 million lives from the black population before a first breath, and that’s more than any other cause of death for the race since Roe v. Wade legalized abortion in 1973. Who’s lives really matter? Ask the governor of Virginia.

Some people are waking up. Blexit movement cold facts are that the popular reproductive health organization that de-plans parenthood donates hundreds of millions of dollars each year to the democratic national committee, while only paying $1 per year on a 20 year lease for a site in Austin, Texas. Another clinic is shutting down in one of the states that recently enacted pro-life legislation, but so much for offering ancillary reproductive health services. It’s safe to stop wondering why federal funding to the organization has been controversial in the news. Perhaps they can be funding patients’ care with the political donations. Better yet, why not distribute it directly to organizations supporting people planning parenthood by adoption or the development of urban communities where these services are statistically most used? Would you create a risk in undermining profitable business? The scandals of this particular health clinic’s recent history and origination are as scary as they are true, but necessary services are indeed provided.

I bet people will get upset I brought race into the debate too. Sorry, it’s my piece, and you don’t have a vote in this. Thank god times have changed – I’m just pointing out existing flaws and hypocrisy in the far-left pursuit of equality.

We have to be pro-something, so I became pro-truth. This has all been unplanned in advance. Life is a blessing with every beat. It’s never too late for forgiveness and gratitude to heal a misguided heart.

If you disagree, it’s okay. Call on the saints and mothers who look after us – I don’t have all the answers for who’s to pay or care for a pro-life future. In certain cultures, we pray.

Love is my religion, and we shouldn’t hate someone for the way they think. To some, the value of life is eternal and infinite, and people just want to belong. Accept the fate and focus on how to treat each other. It seems like all these identity politics and movements work against our unity. The desire to reproduce is biologically in some of our DNA. If you physically can’t, then why not support the cause, or tune into to the voices of those who adopt or share this message. Maybe we can all focus our time and wealth into fostering a stronger community with a vision of sustainable growth.

Thanks to our past that led us here, but more importantly to our future selfless Moms and Dads, with a little bit of help from above…

Create with love.

“We live in a society today where these children can be wanted children. Even if you don’t want to keep this child after you’ve had it, there’s plenty of young couples out there that want children.”

-Norma McCorvey, also known as Jane Roe, the plaintiff from the landmark Roe v Wade Supreme Court case where state laws banning abortion were deemed unconstitutional. Side note – she later made her name public becoming a devout Christian and pro-life advocate.

We have to learn to accept each other’s point of views.

I hope that gender, race, and political stances don’t divide us and we all find something to put our faith in.

I’m just trying to share my message in a world I preach is being being fed too much through the device in our hands. Read this, then go get some space from the samsung or iphone family. Reconnect with yours or yourself. These popular platforms were engineered to draw more eyes and income on ads if you continue scrolling, and continues to feed you more of the same. It’s why some people continue to hate the other side of where they stand. You’re either confused or you begin to see through all the non-sense.

Sorry, I’m not sorry if I offended anyone. I share this with good intention, accepting your thoughts and giving you mine.

Pick a craft, perfect a talent, mess it up here and there. Just leave it to faith, fall, or fail, but just go forward; it’s no big deal. Tell me how you feel or don’t – feel free to remain silent. We have been programmed to become confused with hate and check out of not-only politics, but many things altogether. And damn it, the problems in our minds and pockets shouldn’t keep us from all getting together.

What is the true value of life?

If we succumb to the division, it just becomes the blind leading the blind toward hate! Love is understanding and acceptance mixed with a tall glass of gratitude, for life.

To the one who endlessly loves me and my writing, with hopes to one day create our own – thank you baby!

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