Call Failure

Take it back to the flip days, typing messages on T9 and counting call minutes until 9pm. That’s because nights and weekends were free, and so is this text here. I’m trying to kill a byte or two, do you remember how fast 56k modems were? Or how quickly it evolved into routing high-speed data through a household full of devices? Things sped up a bit since the 90’s and this could be a moral fiber-optic solution. We can make waves through this very bandwidth by avoiding the current tide of overstimulation, routine programming, and ignoring any detractors of the truth. What is all that content and data doing to you?

Information overload, it’s why you stopped reading. How’s that attention span? 2 seconds in and you’re over it, this is moving too slow; already rolling eyes and moving on to the next thing.

Focus for a second. There’s just too much imagery, and the traps of comparison and expectation with others can ruin that esteem. Don’t take it personal – this thing in your hand is as much genius as it is trash, and although it brings convenience to your lifestyle, it saturates an entire population’s excessive desires over needs. Another app upgrade and too many accessories, programming eyes before and after sleep. Writing too deep, I’m a hypocrite and use it too much at times as well. Streaming content for your screaming dopamines, it’s also why you stopped opening up to people, and consistently retreat to this screen. Constant bland conversations, low vibrations, a lot of small talking with the same souls hiding healing hearts. Step a foot in, we have real responsibility in commitment to one another. Nope, easy peasy – no strings, we rather keep it moving.

The whole world is attached, interconnected on 4G, but disconnected walking down the street. We bump heads because I am you, and you’re me. Stop feeding into the division and flipping the “we” into “whatever.” There’s no need to beat up on yourself or others for trying to find their best version of “me”.

Straight up, we have been a part of a social experiment. The literal control is your brain sampling eyes over time.

Be mindful of the environment that exposes you to certain information and beliefs. Where are you getting updates from? Websites, news, or sponsored social media memes? One can argue to adapt to the times, but I can ask you to look at the statistics. Specifically, check depression rates and narcissism for millennial-y and generation-z, literally kicking up while social media boomed onto handheld devices. I’m not going to do it all for you. Ask jeeves, I mean google, and watch how quickly ads in other apps adjust accordingly.

How can we be assured the information we receive is good, unbiased, or even true. Just like various substances, and unfortunately some people, even technology is abused behind the screens. The algorithms are out of my grade, but it’s like a war over information control. What are wiki-leaks? Controlling all the data sounds like a monopolized threat to freedom and privacy for all if I’m speaking honestly. And there you are, still fighting to be correct or above the next, because it seems satisfaction lingers in that entitlement, but it’s ever-elusive and still slightly out of reach.

We should be happy with how we have it, and accept each other’s individual being.

It’s okay to want more, for yourself, others, and anyone that could use a hand. Just do it without attacking rights and speech that were constitutionally written as god-given and free.

People are slowly shifting to the direction of their gut instincts. Awakening, and seeing what this world actually needs.

Presence of Love.

One nation, under God, valuing life and not things. With people in power pushing for a better future, opportunities for all, and freedom from any greedy, malicious powers pulling strings.

Someone has to call out these big tech companies for censoring voices and information, programming addiction, and eating up our data while selling it to third parties who in turn, sell us more products, services, and ideas we don’t need.

Am I right or wrong? I do know for sure though, this was your privilege to read.

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