Call Failure

Take it back to the flip days, typing messages on T9 and counting call minutes until 9pm. That’s because nights and weekends were free, and so is this text here. I’m trying to kill a byte or two, do you remember how fast 56k modems were? Or how quickly it evolved into routing high-speed data through a household full of devices? Things sped up a bit since the 90’s and this could be a moral fiber-optic solution. We can make waves through this very bandwidth by avoiding the current tide of overstimulation, routine programming, and ignoring any detractors of the truth. What is all that content and data doing to you?

Information overload, it’s why you stopped reading. How’s that attention span? 2 seconds in and you’re over it, this is moving too slow; already rolling eyes and moving on to the next thing.

Focus for a second. There’s just too much imagery, and the traps of comparison and expectation with others can ruin that esteem. Don’t take it personal – this thing in your hand is as much genius as it is trash, and although it brings convenience to your lifestyle, it saturates an entire population’s excessive desires over needs. Another app upgrade and too many accessories, programming eyes before and after sleep. Writing too deep, I’m a hypocrite and use it too much at times as well. Streaming content for your screaming dopamines, it’s also why you stopped opening up to people, and consistently retreat to this screen. Constant bland conversations, low vibrations, a lot of small talking with the same souls hiding healing hearts. Step a foot in, we have real responsibility in commitment to one another. Nope, easy peasy – no strings, we rather keep it moving.

The whole world is attached, interconnected on 4G, but disconnected walking down the street. We bump heads because I am you, and you’re me. Stop feeding into the division and flipping the “we” into “whatever.” There’s no need to beat up on yourself or others for trying to find their best version of “me”.

Straight up, we have been a part of a social experiment. The literal control is your brain sampling eyes over time.

Be mindful of the environment that exposes you to certain information and beliefs. Where are you getting updates from? Websites, news, or sponsored social media memes? One can argue to adapt to the times, but I can ask you to look at the statistics. Specifically, check depression rates and narcissism for millennial-y and generation-z, literally kicking up while social media boomed onto handheld devices. I’m not going to do it all for you. Ask jeeves, I mean google, and watch how quickly ads in other apps adjust accordingly.

How can we be assured the information we receive is good, unbiased, or even true. Just like various substances, and unfortunately some people, even technology is abused behind the screens. The algorithms are out of my grade, but it’s like a war over information control. What are wiki-leaks? Controlling all the data sounds like a monopolized threat to freedom and privacy for all if I’m speaking honestly. And there you are, still fighting to be correct or above the next, because it seems satisfaction lingers in that entitlement, but it’s ever-elusive and still slightly out of reach.

We should be happy with how we have it, and accept each other’s individual being.

It’s okay to want more, for yourself, others, and anyone that could use a hand. Just do it without attacking rights and speech that were constitutionally written as god-given and free.

People are slowly shifting to the direction of their gut instincts. Awakening, and seeing what this world actually needs.

Presence of Love.

One nation, under God, valuing life and not things. With people in power pushing for a better future, opportunities for all, and freedom from any greedy, malicious powers pulling strings.

Someone has to call out these big tech companies for censoring voices and information, programming addiction, and eating up our data while selling it to third parties who in turn, sell us more products, services, and ideas we don’t need.

Am I right or wrong? I do know for sure though, this was your privilege to read.

Light in the shade

Damn – I really didn’t see that coming. Life can give you every reason to smile.

If you ever experienced a significant loss, you realize how much we take for granted, and how easy it becomes to drift away. We lose our focus emphasizing negatives in our lives, and fail to realize an awakening that begins.

The big picture shows that our generation pumps the brakes on settling down. The cause – a multitude of factors, but as the digital age connects the world through smartphones, our souls and inner circles starve in disconnection. We work to make ends meet vulnerable to these distractions. When deciding or validating which side of socially constructed divides we stand, we lie stagnant in our own battles. There’s noise out there and the volume is always up, what kind of influences do you allow in? Observe the consequence, and plug into the thoughts sparked by you.

Time proves that with any major experience lies a lesson; a seed for growth or a hurdle to clear. Our conscience is constantly pulled in different directions. Both personal and financial stresses can boil over into other problems, or worse – health matters. And nobody deserves that pain. Learn to let things go, life can’t be taken too seriously and doesn’t have to be figured out today. There’s something special about a plan or two, reaching goals is a beautiful thing. But without love and good health, you have nothing. Take your time and stand up for yourself, this is my take.

Commit to something, honestly. Try proving the law of attraction with some focus and persistence. People will say what they think you want to hear, so appreciate those who speak truthfully or at least show you with behavior. There are song lyrics and jokes about catching feelings these days, feeding it to the world as a weakness. But strength is in understanding, trust in your intuition, feeling is what grows you.

What misses you may not be meant for you. No egos are necessary, humility is served by the world eventually. Life isn’t always fair, but it’s better when you’re happy with how you have it, and still stride forward every day.

Vision’s clear. Words typed in black and white, true colors never fade. With your path or with love, start over if you have to. Find light in the shade.

The real you

“It’s 5 O’clock somewhere!” Cheers.

Yeah, enough of that. We get it. You’re stressed and could use a happy hour. But nobody cares anymore, welcome to America! What do you do with your free time?

I start to think about all of things that were chosen for us since day 1. Our background, education, and environment allowed each of us to develop a core set of morals and values shaping our lifestyles today. The fast-paced culture molded us together programming various sets of rules to live by from the start. Forget what you believe is right or wrong, there are always exceptions. Regardless of your personal problems, accept that we’re not all built the same. Discomfort and disagreements are prerequisites of change.

Open up – You’re closed off after another drag of a day. Money comes and goes, but I’m not making sense, yet. You get home, walk into the room, throw keys on the table, and jump on the couch or bed; that phone is out quick. The new rule of thumb, relax a little. We work to pay the cost of living, numbing our time, viewing stories and posts on the app you flipped from. I bet the TV is on in the background too. Visual media is designed to attract eyes, retain focus, and keep you coming for more. Programming genius, it only takes a notification to trigger your dopamines. The addictions might already be pulling you back. Break the chain and throw a heart on it later; a talk can go a long way.

Are you doing what you love, or just collecting a paycheck? If you value the time, realize we are paying either way. How are you spending tonight? Better yet, let’s see how long you can pay attention. I don’t write these words so you think I’m “woke”, I’m tired of witnessing good people sleep through a death sentence. Life can be short, pardon the dramatic effects. The crowds fill with stale emotions, while individuals search for love that unconditionally stays. A happiness that starts with you. In a society constantly distracting us from our purpose, and a culture driving a stake through us and our homes, a divided mind and soul search for the real you.

Appreciate the power in a simple message. On it or off the radar, don’t mistake absence as a lack in care or confidence. Even if you think someone turned cold, apologize. It’s about that time, and it’s easy to run low.

Excuses for some, but I imagine most of us expect more from certain others. A relationship is valuable, and it deserves attention and effort. It’s time some can’t consistently give, because they never appropriate enough for themselves. Or maybe they just don’t have the heart to only give you half. Gratitude with acceptance is all it is. Cheers to those who are just living, loving without conditions or expectations. You deserve it all.

Laugh when the good times are rolling. Stop when it hurts too much to push forward. Cry when the pain is too deep. Don’t lie or withhold truth to avoid discomfort. Text it if you have to and by all means, slow down. Breathe, meditate, or pray on it. Get with the real program and show love to yourself and others. Treating honesty, honestly – there’s honor in being the realest version of you. Understand that they won’t all accept it, but you should. Moving on.

It’s ironic; they will pour the love on extra when it’s over. With broken ties, they might even resort to hate or slander your name. Either way, I hope you find the strength that builds in forgiveness; for them, and for you.

If we’re all just walking together in this temporary life, why would we ever let disparaging views, social norms, expectations, or comparison waste what’s true? Another exception that will rule; less becomes more.

With endless information and content at our fingertips, while being “connected” to one-another 24-7, the streaming stimulation creates an unrealistic desire for instant gratification. It seems as though our generations evolve through this digital age with a collective head in the clouds.

As do the skies when they become heavy, we should open up and allow our world to grow. Take some time to water the soul. If you’ve been struggling with what holds you down or brings you pain, let the light in and let it go.

Contagious Love, thank you.

A peace of mine

Vision’s blurry from a society of addictions – this is actually dope, I mean deep. We use humor, sarcasm, cold fronts, cockiness, or other dummy means as a barrier to our deeper layers. No hard feelings. Actually, no feelings at all. We build a wall with intentions of making others pay for it; it’s the American way.

Burning bridges or building them too, some people feel like they have the whole world on their shoulders. It’s just the way it is now. This is another quick trip into the deep end. If you take anything from this at all – don’t think too much, dive in.

A piece of my peace – Love.

Look, it’s exhausting isn’t it? We’re tired of people telling us how to tie and walk in our shoes. How to live and how to love – they don’t know our truth. They’re in our TV, our phones, at work, family, friends, and our homes. They don’t know what weighs on our conscience, or what fuels the fire that burns inside. The heart wants what it wants. We were always taught to follow it, but learn through failure, loss, or heartbreak that our path depends on how we handle our thoughts with those pains.

Then one day she hit me, Love. We were in over our heads, gasping for air. “Breathe in the blessings, breathe out the doubt”, she whispered.

On the coldest night, the scars she fed turned to strengths, and this love she spilled allowed an embrace of pain. I could be on top of the world, or going through hell, she shows that heaven on earth could be a smile away. I smile because I will, always.

We try to find and remain on the proper path in life, and others merely prepare to ride the waves. Over-saturation of people and content; minds get mixed up, and noise causes confusion, but the soul will always highlight the play of the heart. You were born to feel that way, so fly with me again. Do you know what love is?

First, sit down; be humble. Humility lies in her understanding.

An unconditional, self and reciprocated appreciation and acceptance, and yet they label her crazy. Accepting what is, working towards what’s best, and trusting she’s returned in your name. Communication is the bridge to her trust, and not every ramp on or off is built the same. Love could never be lost. You either run out of time, or you never walked together. Keep asking, are we on the same page?

Loaded words, “I’m different” tatted on every forehead. I feel the world numb those nerves. She’s loyal to verbs, focusing attention on actions. Every ego takes a loss up front. Cut any losses and find her light in whatever is left to stay. We always forgive when love is real. Her promise remains, it will be okay.

Easily consumed, her kindness removes all doubt. Feeling her energy, we admire the careful empathy. She’s infinitely selfless and collects every piece of you that drifted away.

I don’t desire a day unless her smile begins it – a peace of my mind. Once again – with a silent mind, the soul accentuates the fate of the heart.

The pure bliss in her presence. A sixth sense, a missing link to the divine. They all fly down with her heavenly laugh and smile; a heart skips over a glance in her eyes.

If you’re broken down about the past, or lost in the now, it all starts within. Let her light up the sky like his only Sun. I caught a glimpse of a soul eclipse, sharing our worlds like they were always one.

It’s a blessing to feel; acceptance of what is, a Love true. Creating a world of happiness starts in you.

In her silence.

Damn, that was serious. Happy Valentine’s day!

Blind writing, I wonder if I was painting pictures, making music, or maybe moving a soul or two. Where’s the love?

Too busy, it becomes easy to judge or doubt. We doubt ourselves, each other, entire groups of people and it eventually turns to hate. It’s like her love, it just breeds more. We build tough exteriors confusing it for strength, but the truth is we’re actually soft now, shying away from what might spark some more profound life experiences.

I’m talking about love in all forms. In a partner, pursuit of a dream, yourself, work, friends, family, or even in humble exchanges with strangers. It’s a feeling of healing, and nevermind us or those around us, what if those in power gave it more? It just might heal the world. Hate and greed are out here putting in overtime though.

It just seems that we’re pre-conditioned to keep going and keep producing to a point we are spread so thin that we make internal sacrifices. We regress to caring less about connecting at more visceral levels with ourselves or others. Hearts on instagram posts are as far as it goes nowadays. Viral, it spreads quick, and real life takes a hit. We can actually see the compounding external consequences around us in society.

Where’s the love? Broken homes, families shattered in shootings at schools, poverty, depression rates among youth higher than ever. Even beautiful homes, filled with family spending time alone staring at phones. Turn on the news and we see fabrication and propaganda. A broken system lined with socially constructed anaesthetics slowly taking true feeling and connection out of humanity. How many times have you agreed to keep in touch with someone, and since then, you’ve been out of it? Careless and out of touch.

No easy solutions, but scars are scars. Hide them, cover them up, or embrace them as realities. That’s what they are. As one person in one family of one people, healing starts with acceptance. Love in our hearts and at home; it runs deep.

It’s why I said “dive in”. If your hurting, working, or turning up, pour some love on it with your time. Make a splash in this world, and sit back and watch the waves when you can. Even if they move just one. Be thankful.

Lazy River

Is there too much that meets the eye? It’s actually a collection of puzzle pieces. You’re another one that’s in the right place, sit down.

“Lazy Americans!” You always do.

The lens isn’t always rose-colored and real-world struggles are disheartening. I guess that’s why they say “zoom out”. Have you noticed what’s been going on in the golden state? Tragic wildfires have taken lives and northern homes, while illegal immigrants blitz the border to the south. Horrifying shootings aside, misappropriated finances have stopped major projects in their tracks. California dreaming became a nightmare for thousands of people. But you avoid the news, it’s all politics. The eastcoast is another story as the masses prime an exit from big city schemes. The cost of living blows through the roof, with credit and loan interest fees hailing on your average family’s monopoly game. I’m sorry if this strikes a nerve, sacrifices are necessary for this lifestyle to be preserved. What is anyone doing about it?

The election is coming next November, will you vote?

Red or Blue?

Black or White,

Hop in, we’re all black and blue, participate in your future today. Political census and opinions are only discussed when the polls open or on IG/facebook feeds, but those started being censored years ago. Infinite candidate signs are staked in the ground as we squint around the names in search of a party. Blind red or blue straight tickets – there’s nothing to see. Fictional characters turn up on write-ins, multiple state election boards deal with lawsuits and fraud, and 10 year old scanners caused ballot paper-jams in NYC in 2018. They have us on the same smartphones, but when it comes to administering elections, we are never on the same page. Do you know what state we’re in? Follow the leaders, or the trillions as we dig deep into the hole.

It’s sad to see divided communities, but we know the hurdles vary for people in certain places. Some of us see progress, and others cry out for strangers’ pain. We have our differences, but the same dark red color courses through veins with ancestors’ DNA. Environments and experiences shape character and behavior, and actions are predictable when pockets are tight in a comfortable place. Education only goes so far if a kid’s home trembles of gloom and tension. Higher education takes a kid further, but a hefty cost of living prevents large asset purchases and the masses get sacked by high interest fees. A happy home is built within, but TV shows, movies, and games expose us to sex addiction, abuse, and violence. The news shares bias mixed with grim truths and technology provides outlets to sink further into isolation as if there is nothing else to do. Hard-hitting – reading this is uncomfortable, but that’s necessary for growth. It’s easy to point at problems when we see the effects on our generation today. Solutions can wait until tomorrow, until the day comes that it can’t.

My fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you–ask what you can do for your country.

President John F. Kennedy, Innaugural address, January-1961.

Go read or listen to JFK’s speech. It’s a shame humanity was deprived of his leadership for long.

Now listen to our president speak today. Seriously, the SNL skits can’t compete sometimes. All jokes aside, the White House has had a few since President Clinton and Monica hit the stalls. From intern to apprentice, now Trump is boosting TV ratings and clickbait. My approval rating is an “A & E” for a focus on American economy, acting elementary at times, and automatic twitter fingersmass exposure. Dumbing down America has always been primetime TV, and today it’s available while dinner goes out the other way. Real news, Trump has united people with or against him, actually following through on his words, and inspiring further participation in politics as another president is handed the burden of an inflated economy. Friction ahead, we change the station and are exposed to polarizing views. Yet, the conversation is avoided at work where ironically, it’s all politics too. With truest values bi-partisan, the least this will spark is a debate of ignorance in millennial attitudes. It’s all smoke and mirrors on the screen as the future is established behind closed doors; higher powers pay-to-play ball.

Numbers don’t lie, there’s always a debt to pay. Rewind to late 2001 after 9/11, when president Bush, Jr. was tossing a first pitch on world series stage – Yankee stadium. A strike and we were united, yet look what has unfolded since that demonstrative scene. Decades later and still at war in Afghanistan, a couple thousand lives sadly lost, and almost a trillion spent by our defense. If it promises our safety, I’m thankful, but why is the Taliban still there and in control? There’s a hierarchy of needs unfulfilled across our entire population, regardless of race and creed. How do we help others if we struggle to help ourselves? It seems we are merely an extension of our great nation. We grasp for strengthening equality, blessed that wars are only fought in trade or overseas. The price of this lifestyle is our taxes, but it’s still not okay to complain about the PACs funding thieves.

A free world has been a privilege to know, and incredible to live in. A daily calm, beautiful people, food on the table, work on the plate, and a roof overhead; I’m sorry for those that only know something else. I wake up feeling guilty at times, because an innocent billion or more live in the misery of real famine, and I worry about the long line at Dunkin making me late for the train. Basic Joes, we are owed nothing.

This is about the greed of humanity driving people over the wall. Pun intended, US debt is 22+ trillions in the red, and the spending light is always green. Global debt is up around $184 trillion and can be tracked on a debt clock. US corporations are running debts past $9 trillion and a credit score is still pegged to your name. The never-audited Fed continues to print cash and bail out the very financial institutions that cause Americans grief from their greed. Don’t be surprised by any market’s volatility as their is a global tug-of-war for control. Tighter budgets, aggressive sales, expected ROIs, deadlines, and lush corporate bonuses influence the middle-class day-to-day. The divide between the rich and poor expands, and although it’s not easy to lead, the plot thins out for all.

Whether global problems and issues dividing our country and major cities affect you, you are entitled to the problems of your own. Politics are the last thing on so many minds, we do what we have to do. Are you actually in-tune or just drifting along? Maybe, people feel insignificant in our democracy, because no matter who has been in office, not much has changed in daily lives. Acceptance of the path, with plenty of people pushing agendas, the lazy river might just flood the next generation.

It’s easy to be a critic, but the beauty of our country is that we are allowed to have something to say. Don’t become complacent in our relatively luxurious world. We have an abundance compared to the rest of it. Instead of dissecting the images, disconnect; then plug in and examine what goes on beneath the surface of the lazy river. We are and we aren’t, trusting who serves the best interests of us all.

The path of least resistance is silence. Politically incorrect or not, speaking up will offend someone these days. Thank you for putting the time in. Create, write, help, or just be present to add value – find that spark in you, and make your impact today!

With good-work.

Finally, whether you are citizens of America or citizens of the world, ask of us here the same high standards of strength and sacrifice which we ask of you. With a good conscience our only sure reward, with history the final judge of our deeds, let us go forth to lead the land we love, asking His blessing and His help, but knowing that here on earth, God’s work must truly be our own.” (JFK, Inaugural address, January – 1961)